Friday, January 7, 2011


Lately I've been feeling overwhelmed with work and life in general. I've been blessed to be extremely busy with my business but at times even I can't keep my shit together. That is one of the scariest things for me to admit, since I tend to be a perfectionist and have an even harder time asking anyone for help. I don't have many resolutions for this year other than trying to work on my personal life while balancing my business. Us women tend to put a facade of perfectionism when certain aspects of our lives are not 100% together. I will stop this old habit of mine and in 2011 will be more open about the beauty of being honest with ourselves. I'm proud to admit that I've already started my rehabilitation , just see my last two statuses on Facebook.

This is for the women out there just like me :)

Wondering if there is a hot-line I can call to hire someone to help me get my Christmas tree down.

Is completely fine with not having her shit together this week. She'll get there eventually!
Hope you have a wonderful weekend!!!