Friday, January 29, 2010

Our Wedding Ceremony's Color Scheme!!!

Our Wedding is getting closer and I still had not come up with a color scheme for the ceremony. Some changes have been made from the original plans I had shared earlier with you, mainly the location. I knew I had chosen the beautiful church but Bobby's heart was in a beach wedding. I'm happy to report how much I'm embracing the idea! October is beautiful in Miami, and I only pray the weather will be perfect for an outdoor ceremony. I knew I wanted the look of the ceremony and the reception to be cohesive yet different. Up until yesterday, I had no idea which color scheme I wanted for the ceremony. After spending a couple of hours designing an inspiration board, I came up with a black, white and green color scheme that otherwise I would have never pictured before. I can't tell you how excited I am to have finally decided on a color scheme as would my florist and bridesmaids. I can't wait to share with you the colors I've chosen for the reception. In the mean time, I need to finish packing. Bobby rented a cottage on the beach on the West Coast of Florida for my b-day weekend. I can't wait to spend the weekend with my wonderful family and friends.

Have a fabulous weekend!


Thursday, January 28, 2010

Perfection=Kathy Ireland

Kathy Ireland's home is perfection in my world! I can't get over all of the details in her home and the different fabric patterns she used through out the house. The fantastic Spanish architecture makes me weak at the knees! The architectural details such as the hand painted tiles with Moroccan motifs, the fireplaces and the unique arch under the sprawling staircase make the home as unique as the it's interior designer. Do you think anyone would notice if I moved in? How about you? Could you live in a space with a similar color scheme? I think this home met her perfect match! Don't you?

P.S I will post tomorrow an inspiration board with my wedding's color scheme. Stay Tune!

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Grateful to be back!

I took an unplanned two week break which made me realize how much I love blogging. It all started with my beloved laptop crashing and a phone call from my O.B.G.Y.N that was a definite wake up call. I'm glad to report that everything is fine, and I'm rapidly recovering from the small procedure I had done yesterday. Thank you to all of my wonderful friends and family for your sweet messages and emails. I took pictures of the progress in our living room earlier today and was hoping to post them before I had a total WTF moment when I realized my usb cable was missing. I promise to post the pics later this week.

P.S I hope you are enjoying these images via David Jimenez's website. I love the ambiance set by the color schemes he chose for each table escape. My B-Day is on Saturday and I'm trying to gather inspirational images for that day.



Friday, January 8, 2010

It's Complicated - The Bakery!

We've already talked about the house in It's Complicated, along with every design blog in cyberspace. What most people are forgetting to mention is Meryl Streep's bakery. How amazing is this space? The perfect mix of California design meets The Hamptons, and urban architecture. I wish Miami had a bakery like this, I would camp out every morning for the perfect chocolate croissant! Wouldn't you? I know if I had my own bakery, I would love for it to look exactly the same as this one. Now, I have to bring myself back to reality and focus on the piles of sketches I need to finish for a client. Perhaps a chocolate croissant might help! Off to grab a chocolate croissant at Epicure!

Have a wonderful and productive day/weekend and don't forget to get sugar your sugar fix. You deserve it!

Thursday, January 7, 2010

It's Complicated - The Home

I know is the norm for design blogs to be head over heels over the interiors of Nancy Meyer's movies. I understand the craze since I will gladly include myself in this category. My first love affair with a Nancy Meyer's movie started with Father of the bride part 1 & 2. It continued with the Parent Trap, and recently was revived by Diane Keaton's home in Something is Gotta Give! I can honestly confess that I have watched the movie over 100 times just to study the interiors! I know you won't judge me for being such a dork! This home was followed by Cameron Diaz's home in The Holiday along with the rest of the interiors in the movie. This is when I recognized that Nancy Meyer's tells her stories through the interiors in her movies. I feel like these interiors are the main stars of her films and partly why most of us drag our boyfriends, husbands or girlfriends to the movies. Her latest film features this Beauty as Meryl Streep's home in It's complicated. I must confess, I have not had the chance to take time off to go watch the movie but the interior images have me drooling over the home. This Sunday will the day when I get to drag Bobby to the movies and experience another of Nancy's incredible interiors. Quite frankly out all of the interiors in her movies, I feel like this is the one that's most accessible. I know we don't all live in a beautiful, sprawling Spanish Mediterranean home in Santa Barbara worth millions however the fact that this home is not a mansion is a start.

Enjoy the rest of the tour!

The Perfect nook to read a great book with the view of the garden!

View of the living room from the dining room. You can appreciate the Spanish architecture and their philosophy in open spaces which we seem to appreciate more and more these days.

The Hallway, I'm so jealous of all of the natural light. Oh, and let's not forget the light fixture!

All I can think about is the black claw foot tub! Now, I'm dying for one! Aren't you?

The perfect Guest Bedroom! I'm loving the blue and orange color combo.

As you can see Nancy really went while with orange! I love, love orange so I could easily make this room my bedroom.

And now.... for the real star of this house. The picture perfect living room! I love everything about it, from the wood bean ceilings, to the wood burning fireplace, to the four different accent chairs including our all time favorite shape, as well as Nancy's, the wing back. As you can see more orange accents can be appreciated in this room than anywhere else in this living room. I hope you all enjoyed your one zillion tour of the house and I'm sorry if I bored you but I couldn't help myself. I'm off to day dreaming about hopefully sooner than later building the home of my dreams, and believe me, it won't be far from this one. How about you? Do you have a favorite interior of a Nancy Meyer movie? I know what you are going to say! The home from Something is Gotta Give, and guess what? I don't blame you. I'm sure the home in her next movie won't disappoint.



Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Feeling Resolute!

Happy 2010! I feel like 2009 was an incredible year and I feel very fortunate among many of the amazing things that happened in my life to have met so many wonderful friends through this blog. Again, I would like to apologize for my absence from blogging within the last month but I promise to get my s**t together and start blogging daily starting today. I have so many projects I want to share with you, including the new curtains I'm making for our master bedroom and let's not forget the planning of my very own big day! I'm feeling quite content and resolute, and I know 2010 will be a great year for Designing Life! Lately, I've been digging monochromatic spaces like the pictures on this post and I'm craving more of it in my own personal space. How about you? Have you been coveting any particular color schemes lately?

See you tomorrow, promise!