Thursday, February 18, 2010

Lucite Love!!!

Lucite has a reputation of being a blast from the past by those that don't appreciate its fabulousity. I adore lucite, adore it and if I could build Yansy's world around it, I would. I wanted to share some images of different styles of lucite furniture with you. See how it can go from being ornate to having clean lines with always adding a touch of airiness to any space. Love it!!!
The Classic Ghost Chair- Philippe Starck is a genius.
The classic bamboo Chippendale chair in lucite. Loving the toile seat cushion as well.

Not for nothing but I'm obsessed with this coffee table. I want it now!.......wonder where I would store my current one which I equally love. The problems we have in life!
The perfect Trunk!!!

I hope you're having a fabulous Thursday and I will continue to imagine my lucite world or should I call it Planet? What do you think?




Isabella & Max Rooms said...

"Yansy's World", for some reason that phrase cracked me up! Lucite...yes, love it! The dresser and trunk, I have a question. Would you ever actually put anything in them, or are they meant to just be a statement piece that you place things on top of?

Chic Coles said...

I 100% agree with you! It is pure fabulousness!

Mary said...

I agree, lucite is amazing!!! I am determined to own an acrylic coffee table someday, and of course the ghost chair is forever on my wish list!

Tamstyles said...

this is porn...i love it

Yansy said...

I'm glad I made you laugh! I would actually put stuff in both the dresser and the trunk just pretty things that won't look clutter!