Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Too much or Just enough?

(All images via Elle Decor)

Are yellow interiors your cup of tea? I personally enjoy the color however, I rather incorporated by using accessories or fresh flowers. What do you guys think? Is it too bold for you?


Isabella & Max Rooms said...

I love the look of the "paper trail" room, and the covered books in the bookcase, top photo. For my taste, a little bit here and there would work, but I love how the bold use of the color looks in these photos!
Thanks for suggesting I enter your giveaway, where I saw you mention the giveaway at Design Esquire...which I actually won! Fun, Fun!
Looking forward to your 'series'! Janell

Danya A. said...

Ah these rooms are beautiful. You have great taste.
I don't think any of it is too much.
It makes me feel all peaceful and happy.

Haven and Home said...

I love to look at them, but I am with you; flowers are the most I have done with yellow.

Anonymous said...

I dig yellow - but that last room with ALL the yellow and ALL the stripes is a bit much, in my eyes.

bananas. said...

i'm all about yellow. it's such a happy color but when used in excess it can be a bit bright to say the least. i say stickin to yellow accents is cool. i also like yellow walls.

Erin said...

I adore yellow paired with blue (or turquoise!). The last image is definitely my fav. But I love the shade in the 4th pic. So cool!

Lindsey Conrad - Nabors said...

I love yellow, but have dealt with the same dilemma. I think sticking with accessories and of course fresh flowers is the best. Finding an accent chair with some yellow and even adding a couple pillows or perhaps a rug with some yellow can be nice too - I guess it just really depends on the space! I love all of these rooms

bluehydrangea said...

Love all the rooms. In my home yellow is my accent color. It goes with everything and seems so happy but I couldn't do a whole room in it.

Draffin Bears said...

I prefer yellow as flowers or accessories.
These photos are lovely and thanks for sharing.