Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Are you sitting down? You better be when you read this news

Here it is. Michelle from Rubie Green and Lonny just announced on her blog that her and her business partner photographer extraordinaire Patrick Cline will be launching their own online magazine in September. I can't think of better news right now. Well, I guess I could....that being that her and I become best friends and she offers me all the fabrics and bedding from her collection I would want, yes people for free. Well, I'm allowed to dream after all. Enough daydreaming for now. I miss Domino, as I am sure a lot of you do as well. As much as I love House Beautiful and Elle Decor there is something missing in the design world that Domino always brought to the table. I know Lonny Magazine will have some of those ingredients we miss about Domino. I'm so excited over this news that I had to share it with all you. Let's wait together impatiently for September to get here quickly.

Here is the message from her blog,

Tonight is an incredibly exciting night for both myself and my business partner Patrick Cline, as we've got a p r e t t y big announcement for you ;) Over the past six months as we've all watched our favorite shelter and lifestyle publications come to an end, it has left design lovers worldwide longing for inspiration and wondering what's next for the world of magazines. So Patrick and I decided to do something about it. As a special treat for you, we've rounded up some of your favorite (and boy do I mean favorite!) editors, designers, artists, bloggers and friends, and in September, 2009 we will be launching our premiere issue of an online decorating and lifestyle magazine called Lonny. Please be sure to spread the word, and check back in the coming weeks as we share with you our first ever cover shoot, and more details about the mag ;)


Cote de Texas said...

Eddie Ross told us all about it last night- he is going to be in it. can't wait to see it!!! thanks for your comment Y!!! you are always too sweet.

annechovie said...

Wow, that is exciting! Michelle is such a sweet person. I am excited about it and thanks for sharing!

MABELLE said...

Hey Yansy! Thank you SO MUCH for your post!! :) I totally thought I had already said thanks, and to my horror I realized that I just thought it but didn't type it :-/ So anyway, THANK YOU! Pat and I laughed when we read this, and it made us both even more excited to keep chugging along ;)
Xo Michelle.