Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Stopping by to say Hello!

Sorry guys! Things are a bit crazy right now. We're moving, so packing has been in the horizon for the past few days, as well as painting. Yes, you heard me painting. Would you like to know what I've been painting for the last couple of days? Stay tune, I will give you a sneak peek tomorrow.

I hope you're having a fabulous short week.




Isabella & Max Rooms said...

Well of course I am wondering! Good luck with your move...Janell

Erin said...

I can't wait to see!!!!

bananas. said...

wait? you're moving??? didn't you just redo your bedroom? i'm confused but intrigued at the same time.

LindsB said...

Yes, I want to know what you are painting!!

Good luck with the move!

the sweet life with olives said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog... happy to have found yours! Have fun with the move, I LOVE a new start! Look forward to seeing the new place, and btw I adore your Hermes entrance:-)

Tamstyles said...

what fun!!! movinggggggggg