Monday, September 28, 2009

Supporting a Friend and more inspiration photos

My lovely friends, we have officially moved and I'm happy to report that most things were unharmed. Everything is still in boxes and I have a long way to go before I start to feel like I have a normal life. I hope you have a wonderful week.

I have been asked by Cheri at Its So Very Cheri to let you in on a big, no Huge, maybe GIANORMOUS is big enough, announcement. Be sure to MARK THIS DATE- Oct 1. All I know, is that you need to head over to Its So Very Cheri on Oct 1 so you don’t miss out on this big event. She’s never done anything this big. So grab the button and place it on your side bar so you don’t forget, plus your friends will be glad you let them in on it too.

Will you be there? I know I will.


Isabella & Max Rooms said...

Glad you survived your move!

Do you have countless projects to get your new space the way you want it or is it pretty much ready to go? (or is such a place possible to find?!)


Its So Very Cheri said...

Hey Yansy thank you

Can you remove the first part of that e-mail? It was for you only. The part to be posted starts with the paragraph:

I've been asked by Cheri.

Thanks girl,

blushing rose said...

Welcome to the world of decorating ... glad the move went well. TY for sharing. Have a great week. TTFN ~Marydon

Design Esquire said...

Congrats on making the move, I hope the unpacking goes well!

Its So Very Cheri said...

thanks and I hope the boxes are getting cleared out quickly.


Haven and Home said...

Great collection of images!

Lauren said...

good luck unpacking!!!! :)

Design Esquire said...

I just saw your bedroom transformation on Young House Love - congrats!

Chic Coles (Cole Design) said...

That first beautiful white bedroom and the relaxed living room. Just perfect. Glad the move is over.