Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Cheers to a fabulous weekend!

Beautiful Dinner Setting!

Mai Tardi Miami

(The most fantastic mosaic wall in South Florida)

Yes, I had a fantastic weekend and as much as you are hoping to continue reading about other projects being completed at our home, my weekend didn't revolve around interior design at all. On Saturday I slept until 2pm in the afternoon. I'm almost ashamed to admit to this, it has been over five years since last time I did that. My companion in bed did not complaint, he loves it when I sleep in which is almost never. My plan was to go to the gym for two hours to my regular pilates and yoga class and after to Ikea for some frames. The minute I decided to open up a bottle of Riesling Friday night my plans went out the window along with my already fatigued mind and body after the crazy busy week I had.

Anywho, after waking up and feeling rested , I decided it was time to take our new bikes for a spin! The weather was perfect all weekend long here in South FL and I new I will end up getting a tan and I was right! We rode our bikes for almost two hours, we went through all the different neighborhoods in our part of town and saw many homes we would love to buy one day. Everything was perfect until I fell off my bike. Yes, you read right! This twenty something women fell off her bike like I a two year old. I didn't know if to laugh or be mortified since it happened in front of a lot of people but my love was there and if he was not embarrassed to be seen with me, I had to laugh at my silly clumsy self, dust my self off, and keep on riding. I did scrape my knee and my biggest concern was whether I was going to be able to wear my Max Studio dress to dinner to the Orchestra that night. Guess What? I did wear it and I had a great time! That night we went to the Orchestra, which Bobby planned all by himself. I was so proud of him but I end up laughing all night because as much as I would like to say that we enjoyed ourselves, that would be a lie. We went to this place here, I'm sure you remember I blogged about it months ago. After the first hour of listening to the Orchestra play, Bobby and I were ready to take a nap. I'm all for new experiences but I have to admit I rather spend our money on a Broadway show or a concert (I can't wait for U2 this summer!). After the Orchestra we went to have dinner. I must say the setting was perfect and very romantic and my favorite part was the location. The restaurant is in the center of the Miami Design District and with neighbors like waterworks, kartell, dwr, and Fendi Casa it is one of my favorite neighborhoods in all of Miami.

On Sunday we visited family and had lots of yummy cuban food and for dinner went out with friends to BoneFish, had more Riesling, and watched the movie "Bounty Hunter" which I must say is a lot better than I expected.

Sorry for my very long post, I just had to share. Also, I was supposed to finish my project from last week but a very long trip to the dentist yesterday changed my plans. Guess what? I had a root canal done! Are you feeling my pain?

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