Saturday, May 9, 2009

Am I in heaven?

A couple of weeks ago the boyfriend took me to lake Okeechobee to go fishing. Now, I must tell you I am not big on the outdoors. I rather spend time at the mall or in a spa than to lay on the beach and tan. Crazy, I know. I live in South Florida and we are surrounded by beautiful beaches I normally don't visit. Anyways, so we went and believe me at first I wasn't impressed since the lake is surrounded by rundown little towns that seemed to be stuck in the 50's. However, right before we decided to hit the road to go back home we stumble upon this amazing part of the lake right when the sun started to set. It was spectacular, I have never seen such beautiful colors in a sunset before. My favorite part was not being able to tell where the lake ended and the sky started, you can see it in the background. I have to thank the boyfriend for such a beautiful sight, it was the perfect way to end the day specially since I was not looking forward to going fishing, notice the outfit. Thank you Bobby for such an amazing view, now only if we could build our perfect house exactly where I was standing.

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