Friday, May 8, 2009

Our patio, a work in progress.

We are so lucky to be on a lake. I will post a pic of the sunset one of these days.

I took this pics a while back when I first repainted our patio set. We have so much still to do, I have to find time to run to Home Depot and buy flowers and a couple of flower pots to scatter around our patio. I was also thinking of getting an outdoor rug and a couple of pillows for the seating area. The outdoor dining table came with the house, we plan to get a new one but I got an idea today to spray paint the table and chairs a glossy chocolate brown and change the cushions. Home Goods is having good deals on outdoor cushions and I saw a chocolate/white trellis that will make the transformation more complete. I will post pics as soon as we are done with the patio. Now, wish the flowers that will be calling our patio their home good luck since I seemed to kill every living thing that comes in to our house except for Jade and Tazer.

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