Wednesday, May 27, 2009

More weekend projects and more drama

I've gotten a lot done around the house this weekend including painting the office (more on that later). However, we've also had a rough couple of days here at home. Our amazing 7yr old American Bulldog has an infection on one of his eyes and it breaks my heart every time I see him. Tazer is strong (105lbs, same as mom) and full of energy, normally keeping up with the little volcano he shares this household with named Jade (pic above). Lately, all he does is sleep and can barely open his eye. The damn meds are taking really long to work although the Vet keeps telling us that it will. I just want to see my little boy running around giving Jade a taste of her own medicine which she very much deserves. I'm not normally an emotional person but there is something about seeing your kids in pain that just takes it all out of you. I know that they are not literally my kids, I didn't give birth to them but might as well had because they are a huge part our lives. I hope everyone can be as lucky as we are and have two wonderful and amazing dogs like Tazer and Jade.

My silver tray full of necklaces

My favorite milk glass vase

I have been wanting to change the look of our bedroom dresser for the last couple of weeks. The boyfriend and I have been debating while we should hang a plasma on that wall (which I'm totally against the idea by the way). I understand that this is a very controversial topic but my idea of romance does not include a giant screen in my bedroom. After much consideration I decided to paint the two frames white and I love the contrast of the white against the bright blue walls. It was a cheap way of changing the look and still incorporating something we had which brought the cost to $0. The boyfriend is please for now although I know he won't be dropping the idea of the plasma any time soon and I won't be budging either. The large white frame originally held a wedding picture of my in-laws which I added to the gallery wall in our living room. I kept the frame because I loved the bamboo detail it has as well as the sentimental value. I also used tissue paper from last Christmas for an inexpensive yet chic piece of art work.

Here is how the frames looked before the fabulous paint job. They looked so sad and there was too many wood tones competing for attention.


HappyMedium said...

I'm so sorry your baby Tazer is not feeling well. What kind of medicine is he on? Does the doctor say his eye will be okay soon?

Yansy said...

Thanks. The doctor hopes he will get better soon, this happened a couple months back and it did go away. We are all hoping for the best. Right now he is taking 100mg of Cyclosporine and 200mg of Ketocanazole. I hope this works otherwise we will have to start giving him prednisone which can cause a lot of side effects.