Thursday, May 28, 2009

New Obsession

Among many of my obsessions candles are pretty up there. In a recent trip to HomeGoods, I came across Wood Wick Candles and I can now call myself obsessed. I have them scattered all over the house among my favorite scents are Honeysuckle and Brown Sugar but I don't discriminate. Not only do these candles come in all different delicious scents but they also make the crackling sound of wood burning. In South Florida, we don't have many homes that have built in fireplaces including mine. As you can imagine, I am having a blast at pretending to have a fireplace without dealing with having heat exhaustion inside my own home while enjoying the sweet and sophisticated scents these candles have to offer. Enough said, do yourself a favor and run to your nearest HomeGoods and buy as many of these yummy candles you can get your hands on. Have Fun finding your favorite scent.

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Susan said...

I am right there with ya! :) I love candles. Especially expensive ones with pretty packaging! :) --Susan @