Thursday, May 21, 2009

Guest Bedroom, a work in progress part II

The Louis Ghost Chair by Kartell for the desk

Throw Pillows from Anthropologie

ZGallerie Lamp base with the Anthropologie Shade above

Parsons Desk in white from West Elm

Sunflower Mirror from Zgallerie

Nesting Hexagon in white from West Elm

West Elm, Morocco Duvet Cover in Cinnabar

West Elm, Zebrawood Headboard

I have been trying to start decorating our guest bedroom/Office since we moved in to our home eight months ago. I have changed my mind a million times about what color scheme I would like to use. As much as I love blues and browns, we already have those colors in our Master Bedroom. I have decided that I want to try a neutral color on the walls and add pops of colors with all the accessories. Besides, the boyfriend and I might want to spend the night in the room once is ready and it will hopefully feel like we are in a resort since the colors will be the complete opposite from our master. I hope to post pics very soon. My choices of furniture or accessories will probably change since I can't seem to make up my mind like Sean Penn and Robin Wright.


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