Tuesday, June 23, 2009

I feel like painting the town Hot Pink

Lately, I have been having the blues for hot pink. I can't take all the credit since I must thank House Beautiful for their latest spread and Erin from Elements of Style for her last Fashion Friday post. It has made me wonder about how many hot pink rooms I would have in my house if Bobby would let me. Perhaps my office, and yes I just repainted the room a very serene cream but all the latest hot pink is making me reminisce about my childhood. When it was fine to have an all pink bedroom and you wouldn't get any judgment by anyone. I don't mean I want a all pink house with barbies overflowing my floor space. I'm just saying that is not fare to be judge by others when you become an adult and would like to have this color in your home. We are still little girls inside with a more expensive and sophisticated palate. Well since I can't have a hot pink entrance, I will settle for this outfit I put together. I can't wait for fall to get here so I can wear this feminine yet sophisticated outfit since I can't get away with wearing it in this 100% Miami weather without melting. Now, only if I could afford the price tag of $1,555 for the Alexander McQueen Peep-toe ankle boots. A girl is got to dream.


L.Duncan said...

Girl I LOVE that outfit!! And $1,555 for those booties WOW. They are a show stopper!

Moessy said...


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