Tuesday, June 2, 2009

I love, love The Cloisters at Sea Island, GA

I have been wanting to share with you one of my favorite places to visit that is very close to our home and no, I am not talking about South Beach people. The Cloisters in Sea Island, GA is an amazing five star resort within an hour from Miami by flight of course. We are not the Jetsons although since I was little I always wanted to be. Shhh, don't tell anyone. The pics you see are from our trip last December, we decided to take a short trip of four days to get away from the bustle and hustle of Miami and boy did we love it. It was cold according to South Florida standards, you know after 65% we get our coats and earmuffs out. You know is true if you have ever been to Miami in December. The Resort is to die for, it reminded me a lot of The Biltmore and The Breakers here in South Florida. All we did was eat, shopped and relaxed. You can visit their Website here http://www.seaisland.com. Make sure to check out the spa which is the most amazing spa I have ever been to and have at least a dinner or two at the Georgian Room. Hope you get to visit.

The smell of this gingerbread house kept me hungry the whole time. That was my excuse for my inhumanly way of eating. I know, sad but hey we all need excuses once in a while. Me, I blamed the gingerbread house.

Check out that sunset.

Right after we got there from the airport.

The Spa, there are no words to describe it. You just have to experience it.

We had a river suite, It was more room than we need it but whose complaining.

Check out the beach behind me, only if it would of been warm enough to jump in the water.

In Jekyll Island where they filmed The Legend of Bagger Vance. About to go on a private tour to watch the dolphins. It was amazing but I was freezing the whole time.


HappyMedium said...

This place is a feast for the eyes! and so are you and your cute sweetie!! Thanks for sharing.

Yansy said...

Thank you, thank you and thank you. You are too sweet and the place is truly amazing. By far one of the best kept secrets in the south.