Wednesday, June 10, 2009

My new favorite finds, old and new

From our home to yours. I hope you enjoy some of my most precious new items that I can't seem to live without. Some are old and others are new but they are all equally loved and cherished and no I'm not referring to the boyfriend. I know this is mostly about fashion but I hope you are also enjoying the adorable silver goblets we got a couple days ago. By the way the boyfriend picked those, so score and great choice babe.

My favorite Vintage Dress from C Madeleine's one of the best vintage stores in the country. Check their website out and if you come to Miami make sure to visit
Also, a lot of the vintage outfits the girls from SATC wore came from this amazing emporium.

White and Gold Gladiator Sandals. Sorry for the pic of my ugly toes but I didn't have a better one. At least my toe nails look fab.

I have a thing for large bags and this is one of my favorite bags I've ever owned. A b-day present from my beautiful and fashionable older sister.

My Trina Turk bathing suit. I just love everything about this set and is perfect for Miami, have yet to wear it due to the nasty weather.

The two bags on the table are vintage and I'm just so excited to wear them. I have a million outfits planed in my head. The black and green bag reminds me of Chanel, what's not to love right. My new Oscar De La Renta belt is just perfection and I can't live without my new favorite bracelet a gift from Bobby. I also have to give my adorable little sister credit for helping me find the new vintage bags. Thanks Jess love your sense of style. I'm so proud of you.


HappyMedium said...

These are all beautiful, like you! You didn't talk about the dining room table and chairs, but they are spectacular as well!!

Yansy said...

Thank you for the nice comment. I do love all my finds, no matter how much they cost they are all precious to me. I do love my dining room table and chairs. The table is from Ikea and the chairs are from HomeGoods, they are also consider a great find in my book. And you and your family are adorable.