Monday, June 1, 2009

Men = Clutter

I know, I'm in love.

OK, I know the title is a bit harsh but keep up with me here. Besides, most of you will agree with me on this one. I have a boyfriend that happens to be caring, loving, very clean and a hard worker. So, what's there to complaint about? Absolutely nothing, except he loves to drink protein know the ones that come in those ugly big bottles. So, many moons ago when we first moved in together, he came home with the biggest and most horrendous protein shake bottle my eyes had ever seen. I am sure a lot of you are wondering about which part is so wrong with a man wanting to drink protein shakes. Well, there is nothing wrong with it except that my eyes shouldn't have to stare at the ugly bottle every time I walk into my kitchen. We've had many talks about hiding the bottle inside our pantry but he kept refusing to let me remove it out of sigh. Apparently he will forget to drink it unless is right there in front of him, jumping up and down crying out for attention. I knew that I was not going to put up with that ugly bottle anymore. From time to time it changed colors but nothing I was proud to have on my counters. The other day on a trip to Home Goods, I spotted the most adorable Cookie Jar. Yes, you heard me a cookie jar. When I saw it I knew exactly what it was for. For cookies, of course not. Whenever I bake cookies they last about five minutes in our home. Look at the pics above, I can actually cook and spend time in my kitchen without wanting to run away to never, never land. Sorry, Shrek was on TV and I got inspired. Back to the subject. My wonderful boyfriend didn't even thank me for the adorable new container I got for him. He said it looked alright. Alright, didn't he see how adorable it is and how the color goes with the color scheme in our kitchen. Men need help, mine included. How can they get excited about an ugly toolbox and not the most adorable and mod cookie jar ever?


Kim said...

Great find. I love using containers for something different. =)

And, PS - i totally know the containers you speak of, they are terrible. Luckily, we have a nothing on the counters mandate. He hasn't learned that he can dispute it yet. Shhh.... don't tell.

Yansy said...

Unfortunately for us, I was too slow on starting the mandate at our house. Thank god the problem has been fixed and no worries I won't send the memo his way.

HappyMedium said...

Hey Yansy, I'm passing this on to my niece. Her man is similarly inclined to place his protein and muscle milk powders in huge, lifetime supply, loud containers right on top of the fridge! Your kitchen looks fab, by the way. LOVE the Granite!! Thanks for following me at

Yansy said...

Let me know what she says. I'm sure she hates the containers as much as me. Thanks for the comment on the kitchen, I truly love the space now that I got rid of the unnecessary clutter if you know what I mean.