Monday, June 22, 2009

Pretty flowers all around me

Lately, I have been surrounding myself with beautiful flowers. There is something about having fresh flowers in your house that changes the way everything looks and feel. There is nothing I hate more than fake plants or flowers, I just don't understand why people buy them. Yes, real flowers die but they don't collect dust like fake flowers do or makes your house feel like its stuck in a 1985 JCPenny catalog. I know, I get carried away but to me fake flowers are a big no. There is nothing that changes the look of a room better than a fresh coat of paint, curtains and fresh flowers. That's just my philosophy. I hope you enjoy the pretty pics of the latest flower arrangements from our home.

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Design Esquire said...

I completely agree. I love buying fresh flowers and breaking up the bouquet so I can put fresh flowers in a few rooms. It makes me smile everytime I see them!