Monday, June 8, 2009

Weekend Fun!

Tazer dying to go back inside the house, he takes after his mom. I'm so proud.

Jade is fishing with Daddy but she refuses to go shopping with me. How ironic.

This is what we look like after a couple of drinks. There are no more pics of the rest of the night since I forgot how to use any digital machinery.

For our friends and family that were not part of our little fiesta by the lake we are truly sorry but the weather didn't help. I like to know what you were all doing and didn't bother to invite us. I guess we are even. Love you all

I was able to accomplish everything I wanted to do this weekend, except for going to the beach... Yes, it poured and it kept on raining for most of the weekend, Friday being the worst. I even had some tourist asked me a couple of time if it was a hurricane. Funny, how a Hurricane seems so normal to all of us from South Florida. My answer was "this is just another Summer in Miami and if it was a hurricane we all be in Orlando waiting for Disney to open". Anyhow, since we weren't able to make it to our lovely beaches we finished a couple of projects around the house including the dishwasher. Yes, people I was out of a dishwasher for over a week but my adorable boyfriend also known as Bobby redeemed himself last night. I wanted to share some picks of Sunday's Cocktail afternoon. We did some fishing outback, let me rephrase that. Bobby did some fishing outback. Since, I will probably fall in the lake and be eating alive by Bass due to my increasing clumsiness with anything outdoorsy. Sorry Babe, I know I'm not as fun as Juan to fish with but thanks for not giving up on me. When the weather is nice outside we like to hangout by the lake with a cocktail or two and have some snacks before dinner. Sometimes, we have friends and family over this weekend was just for the four of us. Yes, we always include our babies Tazer and Jade although no alcoholic drinks are allowed for anyone under 21, we are responsible parents. They are just happy to chase a frog or two and get some treats as reward.


HappyMedium said...

Even rainy days are special when you're with the one you love, and cocktails and pets are in the mix. We had a rainy Saturday here in Sparks, NV. Sunday was beautiful though! I made brunch, including champagne mimosas, and sparkling cider for the minor. Cuddled and watched movies with my sweetheart Saturday night while listening to the rain fall outside. All in all, a relaxing, beautiful weekend.

Mama Kat said...

Looks relaxing!!!

Steph. said...

Hey chica! Just found your blog, and I wanted to give you a quick shout out and tell you that it looks fabulous.

I love your design style too. I added you to my bloggers link roll.

Talk to you soon!


Cote de Texas said...

your porch/house/lifestyle is so wonderful! how lucky you are to live there - enjoy!!! I am so jealous!
thanks for your comment on my blog - much appreciated.

Sarah Danielle: Jeune Marie said...

What a lovely little set up you have on your back patio. Looks like fun!

Yansy said...

Thanks everybody. I feel very blessed to live in such a beautiful city. We have such high stressful and demanding jobs that we try to enjoy our home as much as possible. I hope you all had a wonderful weekend as well.