Saturday, June 13, 2009

I hope you are having a wonderful weekend

Sorry, I didn't get to post yesterday but this week has been a bit crazy between work, school and an installation I had yesterday. I will post pics of that on Monday, in the mean time I will leave you with these pics of the view from the apartment I was working on yesterday. You have to love the location.

P.S. I do interior design work on the side for many of my real estate clients, family and friends. I am not an interior designer by trade but is something I am passionate about and hope to have my own Architecture/Interior Design Firm in the near future. If you need any help with your space you can contact me and I will more than happy to help.


Steph. said...

So fabulous! My mom has her own decorating firm here in Orlando. I'm working on a website for her now. Chica, if its your passion, go for it! You are definitely creative and I know you will do so well.

Hope you are having an amazing weekend!

Kellie ~ Ada and Darcy said...

THose images are beautiful!!

Yansy said...

Thank you ladies.

HappyMedium said...

Looks like paradise!!